Air Cooled Chiller



Air Cooled Chiller

-        Materials used in our cooling systems are designed entirely to simplify your production and tol ast long.

-        Reciprocating and scroll type compressors

-        Independent single or double cooling circuit

-        Eco-friendly 407 C cooling gas

-        Isolated and stainless steel water tank

-        Shell & tube type high-efficiency evaporator

-        Galvanised steel body, fired paint

-        Four-wheeled production which helps mobility

-        Electrical circuits made of superior quality materials with protection and warnings

-        Electrical boards with micro processors

-        Low and high pressure switches

-        Security equipments

-        Quiet condenser fans


The sectors that we provide service:

-        Food Industry: Milk pasteurisation machines, milk cooling, food filling machines, drink filling lines, food processing lines

-        Chemical: Chemical reactors, paint reactors, cosmetic filling lines

-        Covering: Cataphoresis coatings, chrome – nickel – copper, aluminum coating, anodising, galvanised coating

-        Rubber Industry: Seal – gasket extruder machines, banbury mixer machines, rubber presses, shoes sole injection machines

-        Textile: Spinning machines, tarpaulin roller machine

-        Other: Skating rink


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